Friday, June 25, 2010

Hobby horse

I'm thinking I need to get myself a hobby. For the longest time I've been wanting a sewing machine. Nothing fancy mind you, just something I can use to make...well, whatever strikes my fancy I guess. And hem. Because when you're as short and wide as I am pants never fit right. It would be nice not to have to roll up my good work pants or trip over them when they fall down.

Then again, losing weight would help too.

Which is something I need to do. I've been quite the slacker with my gym attendance and really, there's no excuse for it. My new doctor kind of read me the riot act when I went in for my yearly two weeks ago and she had every right to. Sigh. I just get so BORED. Maybe it's time I broke down and did a session with one of the trainers. Something needs to happen because I've hit that phase of my life where it gets harder and harder to drop the tonnage. Heellllllooooo slow metabolism land.

But I digress, back to the sewing machine. I've been a big fan of the divine Alicia Paulson and her sewing skills for quite some time, especially her bags. Back when she had her shop I bought one of her lovely totes. It's so cute and so well made I always get compliments when I take it out on the town. I guess what it boils down to is I need a creative outlet of some kind, now that I've stepped away from guard. Anyone out there a sewer? Any suggestions on where I should get started?

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