Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ummm, yeah, about that bad day

Soooo, remember last Tuesday when I was having a "Boo hoo, woe is me, life sucks" kind of day? Yeah, um, well, the way my day ended was anything BUT. You see, my wonderful other half had a little something up his sleeve that really threw me for a loop...

If you're thinking "Holy crap, that looks like an engagement ring!" then you would be in about the same mindset I was when he started going down on one knee. The set up was that we were getting ready to do the staff picture for the camp he worked at all summer and I volunteered at as well. Everyone was all lined up, all 115 staffers and I was waiting to find out where I was supposed to go when Will started talking about thanking the photographer (who was in on it, I later found out), thanking the volunteers and then lastly thanking me. I was trying to look for a place to plug myself in to the picture while that was going on so I was only half listening and to tell the truth, I got a little irritated when he tried to pull me over to him to do the deed and I was still trying to figure out where to go for the picture.

I mean, they were all waiting for me, right? And it was almost time for the banquet!

But, after the second time he asked me to come over to him, I did and that was when he went down on his knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Shocked does not even begin to describe my reaction. I believe my exact words were "what are you doing? What Are You Doing?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" (only my voice going up three octaves every time I said it).

Classy, huh?

Once I regained my composure I said "Yes, of course!" and I think Will finally breathed again. He got teary. I was too in shock until later to let the tears flow. Happy tears...and then tears at the thought of having to plan a wedding. Oof.

I do promise this will not become a wedding blog, but I can't promise you won't hear some major release of bitchiness over the planning. Because I guarantee you, there will be some major planning bitchiness.

He he, I like that word, bitchiness.

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