Tuesday, September 06, 2011

No pain at 3 a.m. is good pain

It has been my experience that pain not only has varying scales based on how much discomfort is caused, but also based on what time of the day it occurs. Slight twinge in the back at 11 a.m. not so bad. Take some Motrin and go on with the day. Achiness around 6 p.m., stretch it out. Stabbing pain at 3 a.m. not a sign that something good is going on.

Yeah, 3 a.m. pain does not lead to something good.

This past Saturday I was awake at 3 a.m., a pain in my back progressively getting worse. Eventually it spread to my front right side and no position on the couch, the bed or the floor was comfortable. It gradually got worse and after the second episode on Biography about...I don't remember what it was about I woke Will up at 4:30 and said "We've got to go to the ER".

I've never seen a person jump out of bed so fast in my life.

By the time we got the ER my pain was worse. I could barely stand up. Luckily they called my name pretty fast and I was on my way to the Toradol. Sweet, sweet Toradol. One shot of that beauty in my IV and I was on cloud 9. Which is probably what kept me calm and my blood pressure low for the next 5 hours as I was put through a CT and Ultrasound. Had blood drawn. And waited. And waited. And waited to find out if I was suffering through another kidney stone or something else.

As it turns out it was something else. Gall stones this time. The same gall stones that sent me to the ER at 2:30 a.m. when I was at home visiting my parents a month ago. During that trip the ER doctor told me that it wasn't anything to worry about unless I had another attack.

So, that being said, the ER doctor here at home came in right before I was discharged and confirmed I had a gall bladder full of stones, it wasn't infected (which would have meant surgery that day) and that the sooner I could get the offender taken out, the better. Oh and here is a list of foods that could set off an attack so try to avoid these too. No caffeine...which means no coffee in the morning and me very tired by 11 p.m. The slightest bit of grease gives me problems. Tonight's dinner was delicious but I'm feeling the effects for sure. Not to get in to the poop talk, but let's just say it's a good thing the window in the bathroom can stay open.

I've started the process with the insurance company, which I'm dreading. Two girls in my office have had procedures done and it's been a nightmare for them dealing with the insurance company and the HR department. I'm just trying to go one step at a time so we'll see what happens. For now the earliest the surgeon that was recommended by the ER could get me in is next Friday.

Of course, this would happen within the last 6 weeks before the wedding. When you know, I need coffee the most.

I'm wondering if maybe we could do this procedure with a knife on the coffee table. Will is an Eagle Scout.

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