Monday, February 11, 2013

Stay at home for a day

I'm stuck at home today.

My usually reliable car decided to throw a tantrum over the weekend, only starting when it felt like it.  Hubby had me take it to our garage this morning and since they couldn't figure out the problem right away (battery was fine), one of the guys drove me home. That's the kind of place they are. Now I'm just waiting to hear back as to what's causing the issue.

This means another personal day gone. I'm down to just 1/2 a personal for the rest of the year. December is REALLY going to suck.

On a completely unrelated note, daytime tv sucks. Right now I'm switching between "Legally Blonde" and "The Rock". Yeah, it's that bad. And the cats aren't great conversationalists, so, it's that or nothing.

Speaking of cats, let me introduce Chumley, our other cat in residence.

He came home about 9 months after we brought home Katie. We had been talking about getting a second cat to keep her company, but had never really made a decision on if we wanted to or not, then Hubby went for a weekend visit with his grandparents. He paid a visit to the same humane society where we found Katie, saw this serious looking guy in one of the crates and that was it. I had a phone call at work to ask if it was ok, his adoption fee was only $20 because he was 9. There wasn't much info on his back story, but how could anyone say no to such a handsome guy? And my husband was pretty persuasive too. 

So, Chumley came home. It took a good month before Katie realized this new guy wasn't leaving. There was a lot of hissing and growling. And then we left them alone over Christmas and came home to find them laying next to each other on the bed. 

But I digress. A few months after Chumley came home, we noticed he was getting skinny. Too skinny for the amount of food he was eating on a daily basis. And he was restless. And puking more than a normal cat should. We took him to the vet and found out that he had a slight heart murmur (common in older cats) and was suffering from in diagnosed hyperthyroidism. Poor guys metabolism was so fast he was starving even though he was eating so much we were filling the food dish three times a day. Chum was immediately put on medicine, which we now give him twice a day by rubbing it on his ear (much easier than trying to get a pill in to him), and started putting on weight right away. Today he's a goofy, active, normal cat who likes to lay in my lap, go for walks in his harness and leash and chases Katie just to reminder her she's not totally in charge around here. Our Chummy boy was definitely a great addition to our family.

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