Thursday, February 05, 2004

Furniture shopping is fun. At least that what I kept telling myself today as Bob and I spent four hours roaming around looking for furniture for the house. Ugh. And they say women are indecisive. We went to about five or six different furniture stores, mostly used and antique places, before we called it a day. So far a decision has been made on a bedroom suit for Bob, a sleeper sofa for the living room (maybe) and a pub table/chairs for the kitchen. The only real dilema is the dining room. Bob keeps wanting me to make a decision for him and I keep telling him that it's his house, his furniture, his decision. I'm glad he wants me to be there to help and have some input into what's going to be in the house but jeez, a decision needs to be made soon. Marti's settlement is March 19 which means we've got to get moving on getting the painting finished so Bob can move in to his house before I do and I can get out before Marti does. It will just make things easier if I can get all of my stuff out of the apartment before she does.

This morning I overslept and didn't make it to the gym. I wanted to get the next workout in my Couch To 5k program done and it just wasn't meant to be. Instead I dragged myself out of bed at 9ish, grabbed breakfast, read the newspaper and proceeded to sit on the couch and watch TLC's Wedding Story for two hours straight. I'm such a sap. I don't even know the people on the show but I still manage to dissolve into a blubbering mess of tears by the end of each episode. Sigh. Another show that has the same effect is Perfect Proposal. Yesterday I was watching that evil show when Bob called. It took me a good five minutes before I could get myself under control and actually talk in more than one sylable. Sigh. See what I mean about setting my expectaions too high. Sometimes I think I'd be a lot happier with my love life if I just set my standards a little lower.

On a whim I checked to see if Kevin Sites' blog was up and running again. Sure enough, it is. Please check it out when you have a moment. He's a journalist who's been in Iraq since last year and has some very interesting insight into what's going on. His dispatches are very eye opening as he's able to tell us first hand about life in Iraq for both its citizens and U.S. soldiers serving over there.

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