Sunday, February 22, 2004

Last night I could have sworn we were going to win our hockey game. Well into the second period we were more than holding our own but alas, it wasn't to be. We lost 3-1. I managed to get away with a cross-check and not get penalized so that was good. I've also gotten good at tripping other players without getting called for a penalty. When you're as short as I am, anything you can do to level the playing field (or ice if you will) is worth it. I also had a popped knee and sore shoulder but it's all part of the game.

Friday night I recolored my hair. When I'm bored and need a change, my hair is usually the first thing I do something with. Sometimes it's a cut. Sometimes it's color. This time I colored and boy did I color. Wal-Mart didn't have the usual shade of red I use so I went with something different. I used Revlon's Deep Copper Blond thinking it would just add a little more red to my hair. Lol, well it added red all right. My hair has never been this shade in all of my life! It's got more of an orangeish tinge to it right now. I'm hoping it will calm down in a few days, which it should (said with fingers crossed). It is bringing me more attention though. Some people have told me they love it, others keep asking me why I don't just keep my hair it's natural strawberry blond color, still others just stare. My mom's reaction was the best. When she looked at me this morning in church she just said "So when did we do this?" She knows better than to comment on my hair changes anymore.

Ralph Nader is back in the race again. As a Democrat I cringe everytime I hear he's running for president. Not only is he the William Jennings Bryan of our era, but his being on the ballot in November will syphon voters away from any Democratice candidate. I have nothing wrong with third party candidates. This country needs more of them if you ask me, especially with the disillusionment many feel with the two main parties in place now. Ralph's addition to the madness will definitely make for an interesting November election to say the least.

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