Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Can you tell I'm bored? Thanks Peg for pointing me to the Wednesday Whatever's...

1. What noise bothers you the most?
The sound of my room mate's dog's nails on our hardwood floors. Ugh. Drives me batty.

2. Which emotions seem to take the best of you?
Usually my anger. I tend to have a very bad temper and when I go off the deep end, boy do I go off the deep end. I try to hold it in but sometimes that just makes things worse and then I end up doing or saying things I really regret later.

3. What do you take pride in the most?
My writing. When I have a story run no matter whether it's on the front page or buried inside one of the sections I am proud of almost every story I've written. Especially since I hated writing papers, etc. when I was in high school and college. Who knew I'd grow to love the newspaper biz and love writing all the time?

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