Thursday, March 04, 2004

Today I did double duty. A shift at Red Lobster and a shift at job #1. Surprisingly enough, I'm not that tired. My good friend Lyzz brought in a small cup of coffee for me from Starbucks so I'm hitting a good second wind right about now. Besides that, I'm ready to go out tonight. Heck, I even put on a little makeup! We're going to hit one of the local bars (right up the street) after deadline for a beer or two.

Bob got the satellite hooked up today so I'll be able to watch the Sopranos on Sunday. Of course there are about 200 other channels that come with it that I do not need. Just give me MTV, Lifetime, The History Channel and all of our local affiliates and I'm happy. Oh well, his house, he's paying for it. I can't wait to move. The new set of walls to look at will do me good. I love being in new places. This summer since I won't be able to afford a real vacation, I'm making plans to take some mini trips. A day trip down to the Delaware beaches (Bethany Beach, Rehobeth Beach, Lewes, etc.), a train ride to New York City, a day trip to Philadelphia. Stuff like that. I did something similar two summers ago when I went to Coopersville, NY for two days. It was nice, I set my own agenda. Slept in when I wanted to. Took a nap when I wanted to. Visited the Baseball Hall of Fame. Caught a baseball game for free and just generally enjoyed myself. Good times. Good times.

I'm very slightly...o.k. more than slightly, bummed. The Violent Femmes are playing at a local establishment March 18 and I will be stuck at work that night. Bah. So not fair. The only possible way I can go is if I can find a way to get out of my shift that night. Otherwise, I'll just have to hear about it second hand from some of the more fortunate members of our staff. Acording to the great musical guru at job #1 Maroon 5 may be appearing in the area when they return from the European leg of their tour. I would so be up for that concert. There's something about their music that gets my booty moving.

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