Sunday, April 18, 2004

Some people are so bloody rude they should be smacked upside the back of the head with a live, angry lobster. Repeatedly. Can you tell I had a bad day at work? I should have just packed up and started over again when I was getting drinks for my first table. As I was turning around to go back out to the dining room all three glasses of water spilled down the front of me. Sigh. Not a good start to my day. Trust me it went down hill after that. I was later seated with a table of very rude, very demanding people who seemed to enjoy making me walk back to the kitchen for one thing and then deciding when I got back to the table that it really wasn't what they wanted anyway. Bastards. Good thing I added gratuity to their check.

Now I'm having problems getting one of my stories to come through. I had made arrangements with the family to talk to them tonight but they aren't answering their phone or returning my calls (I've left at least two messages). What a day. I need a vacation. Preferably from my life. That would be nice. A good long break from being ME! *Big sigh*

I need a hug.

The one bright spot today was the email I received from my friend Brent. He will be returning (finally) from Kenya in about two months and I am just so excited I can't wait! We always have a good time when we hang out and it's been so long since we've done just that, I'm sure there will be lots of fun when he arrives. Woo-hoo! Oh, and yesterday I spent money at Target buying things for the garden. Lots of plants have been bought for the side of the house and tomorrow I put on the gloves and get out in the sunshine. Let the fun begin.

On that note, I leave you with this...

You're addicted to.....

Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Bitch! I like you, alcohol is one
of the better things to be addicted to. The
only bad part is it makes you feel like doing
nothing and the next morning you get a terrible

What are you addicted to? (pics!)
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