Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Yesterday I had an unfortunate mishap with some sunless tanner. Being as it was so nice outside, and I'm normaly so pale I'm practically clear, I wanted to give myself that sunkissed look without the worry of that pesky skin cancer. Sooo, I dug out my bottle of tanner and applied it in what I though was a very even manner all over my body. A few hours later after it had time to sink in I checked myself in the mirror and oh boy. What the hell happened here?! Nice big streak right up my neck. And on my feet. And my shoulder. Sigh. The best laid plans and all of that I guess.

Today is another gorgeous day, I can't help but be in a good mood. Got to sleep in a little bit this morning then ticked off a nice 2 mile run. Actually felt really good. Saturday is my first 5k race. Oh, I'm not in it to win. Trust me, there will be walkers that will probably finish before me, the goal is to just do it. And finish running. Then I can say I really did accomplish one of my goals for 2004.

Now if only finding a man was so easy...

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