Monday, May 17, 2004

So I finally got an answer about my Sundays at job #1. I get to keep them! Yeah! And the best part is they are strictly for writing. No clerk duties. No checking emails. Just writing. Woo-hoo! It's a good step in the right direction I'd say. When my editor Cathy told me I was so happy I almost dropped the phone. Here is what I did for today's edition. Nothing spectacular but I was proud of it. Even better was the fact that Cathy trusts me with regular GA stories now. While the others were working on other pieces for today she had me following up on another piece of news from Sunday's edition. Made me feel good!

The weekend was relatively boring. Friday and Saturday night I worked at the Lobster but we were so dead I hardly made any money. Friday night after work I did get to go see my friend Dave's band, Shameless Amy, playing at one of the local bars. They are a fun bunch of guys and boy do they have some talent. I hope something happens for them. They deserve it. Saturday night I didn't get out of work until late so I just came home and crashed. What an exciting life I lead, huh?

It's getting ready to storm right now. Thunder is rumbling in the background even as I type this. I love thunderstorms. Especially when they happen at night. The sound of the rain hitting the windows and the occasional flash of lightning are a perfect way for me to go to sleep. I usually end up scrunching up under the covers and just lay there listening to all the activity going on outside. It's even better if there is someone in the bed with me but, alas, that hasn't happened for quite some time...I know, I know, too much information.

Today I was forced to buy gas. $1.93 per gallon! Jeez. At this rate I'm going to start using the bus to get back and forth to work. The hold OPEC has on this country is just absurd. It's not just the US that's feeling it either. There's got to be a better fuel source out there. Walking may soon become an option. The Lobster isn't that far (about 1.5 miles) and job #1 isn't too much more than that either. Only problem with job #1 is I'd have to go through the worst part of the city late at night. Not a pleaseing prospect.

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