Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This gorgeous piece of land is deep in the middle of big controversy (from my former employer). Posted by Hello

What you are looking at is a privately owned piece of land along the Susquehanna River not too far from my favorite spot. The farm, Lauxmont Farm is a gorgeous place known not just for what is raised there but as a popular wedding spot. I personally have been to quite a few nuptial exchanges there. In the fall you can look south along the river and take in a panarama of gold and fire colored ridges as far as the eye can see. On clear days if you look north you can see the beginning of the Appalachians and to the east the next largest city around here, Lancaster.

Because I love the area so much what is happening with the land has captured my attention. You see the area is rich in history and considered to be the last stronghold of the Susquehannocks, a now long gone group of Native Americans. The county wants to take over the land by use of eminant domain to create a heritage park. This means the current owners would have their land taken from them to create something we really don't need! Now I'm all about preserving history but I do believe the Kohrs (current owners) have done a damn good job so far. For more info read here or here. Its an intriguing story that in my opinion, could drag on for quite some time.

Unfortunately, we may not realize the kind of damage we'll do until years down the road.

So far this week has been going very well on the food and exercise front. Yesterday I ticked off a 2.5 mile run and tonight I have hockey. For the time being I'm concenetrating on getting into a regular exercise schedule, then I'll concentrate more on the food. The goal for this week is to do some form of exercise for 5 days. No easy task but I'm trying to have faith in myself. We'll see.


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