Monday, August 30, 2004

A girl could get used to this whole 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. workday thing. At least this girl could. It was so nice to walk in the door before 3 p.m. Heck, I was even motivated enough to do some major chores that I had been putting off. I rock. Still have plans to get some mums into the ground before it starts raining tonight. If I can get that done then I will definitely earn the title of mega-rock star.

As I was putting some things in the attic I came across my old diaries. The books I happened to find were from college, towards the end of my four years too. I was completely intrigued by how difficult I thought my life was back then. I've been out of college now for 7 years and let me tell you, after reading what I wrote if the me of now could do it she'd go back to the me of 7 years ago, smack the 7 year ago me around a little bit and say "Sister, you have no idea the kind of crap you've got ahead of you". In a way those little black composition books (hey, we got them cheap at the school store) reminded me that I have come a long way and believe it or not, I've survived worse things than mega term papers and two hour long finals.

I can handle what life throws at me.

It's a very empowering and wonderful new thought that is rattling around my brain right now.

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