Thursday, August 12, 2004

Just dropped by to let you all know, yes, I still am alive and no, I have not forgotten about the blog. My internet time at my new job is severely restricted so there is no more sneaking on and writing large tomes (as my friend Wayne so graciously pointed out I do) in the middle of the day.

I will attempt to hop on tonight before bedtime because there's a lot floating around in this little brain of mine. Do not say you were not warned!

Lastly, like this is a bad thing? I think they could have found a better way to spend $100,00 though, say maybe on our national debt? From our friends at WGAL:

N.Y. Pigeons Get Shocking Surprise
POSTED: 4:15 pm EDT August 10, 2004

NEWARK, N.J. -- There's been a shocking solution to a pigeon problem in New York.
People attending the upcoming Republican National Convention won't have to dodge pigeon droppings from birds that once landed on a historic post office across from the convention venue, Madison Square Garden.
Electric shocks now zap the birds when they land. They're learning not to land there.
The $100,000 system was fully installed early last year. Solar-powered strips an inch and a half wide contain insulated wires that deliver the nonfatal shock. They have been placed along ledges and columns.

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