Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The mood to the right says it all. After the day I had at the new job I'm feeling god awful lazy. So lazy I'm not going to hockey. Yeah, you read that right. Instead I'm going to finish laundry and do some cleaning around this place. The bathroom is an embarassment. Oh, and I need to make peanut butter cookies for one of my Lobster co-workers. But that's fun.

I'm feeling so lazy I don't feel like cooking. Can you say Pizza Hut delivery? I know, I know. I'm not doing myself any favors in the losing some pounds department by order Pizza Hut for dinner but I went as healthy as I could. Lots of veggies to balance out the other stuff. It makes sense in my mind at least.

This morning I got into work and was immediately bombarded with a problem. One of my co-workers missed a large (4"x7") color ad on the page we spilled on to for the evening paper. I had 20 minutes to fix it. Holy major panic attack. Luckily layout and composing took pity on me what with it being only my second week and all, and walked me through the fix. The whole thing actually took an hour which held up printing. Needless to say we blew deadline big time. At least I learned what I need to do the next time that happens.

The move this weekend should be...for lack of a better phrase...pure hell. I was informed last night I was to be at my parent's home by 6:30 a.m. "So we can load some things into your car", my sister said. "Oh, and by the way, I only stop once during the trip down there."


This girl will need at least two bathroom breaks during the trip, I guarantee it. The old kidneys just are not my friends anymore, what with the two stone attacks I've had over the last five years. So yeah. There will be more than one stop. Unless she wants me to keep her nice, new Pfaltzgraff dish set.

Oh it's on.

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