Sunday, August 01, 2004

There is nothing better than spending your Sunday playing chicken on the PA Turnpike and hanging out at truck stops. That's what I did today, or at least earlier this evening. As my last hurrah at job #1, my wonderful editor Cathy gave me a last minute assignment about the toll increase that went into effect today. So after I got off from the Lobster I boogied north to the interchange and dodged cars as I walked to the toll booth to interview the worker there. If you're interested, here's my story. The Harrisburg Patriot did one too, it ran today.

I've been quite the party girl this weekend. Last night Connie and Bree talked me into going out with them again. I was cut early from the Lobster so I ran home, changed into slightly more conservative hoochie wear than what I had on the previous night and headed out to Bannana Max. It's a cheesy little place, I know, but we had a good time. We danced on their postage stamp of a dancefloor, jumped in the cage and did a little pole dancing (no really only throw the $20's!) and to top it off had numerous drinks bought for us by various men around the bar. I love going out with those girls. They've forced me to go out and rediscover my fun side again.

My darling Nomar is now a Cub. It's hard to swallow but hey, that's the baseball business. I'll still be a Red Sox fan but I will always love Nomah (as they say it in Bahston).

I recently got in touch with an old friend from my college days. Jason was a member of the same music fraternity I was in, just in a different chapter (Drexel). He IM'd me the other night to say hi and now we talk about once a week via IM. It's nice to reconnnect with old friends. Since he lives in Philadelphia now (only a hop, skip and increased toll from here) the next time I head out there we're going to get together for a drink or maybe dinner.

Due to all of the alcohol I consumed this weekend I wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase on the scale tomorrow. Since I'm expecting it, I'm not going to try and be that upset over it. Just need to reset the goal for the week and start back at the beginning...Let's start at the very beginning, that's a very good place to start...Oh don't look at me like that, you all know the Sound of Music, admit it!
Goal: Exercise 5 times this week using the following schedule
Monday: 2-3 mi run
Tuesday: 2-3 mi run on fitness trail
Wednesday: 30 min. walk + 20 min lifting
Thursday: 60 min walk on Rail Trail
Friday: 3-4 mi run

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