Friday, July 29, 2005

Cheap, but easy

O.k. kids, I'm apologizing in advance because this weekend is chock full of activity and I really doubt I'll get to post again any time soon. The little sis and her hubby are in town for the week, tonight Room mate #1 and I are heading to Camden Yards to watch the Orioles slip even more out of contention in the Wild Card race (but it is floppy hat night, so there's a bonus!) and tomorrow, well, tomorrow is going to be a swinging time at friend Lyzz's crabfeast/cookout/swimming party. I'm sure there will be much to talk about after the fact.

But in the mean time, considering it's been pretty quiet at the job lately I have had time to surf the 'Net and found some pretty darn good blogs that I'd like to share with you. Don't be shy, head on over and say hi:

Dating Dummy - Dating tales from the male point of view. Because I like to be fair and see how the other half lives.

Sex, Sports & the Single Guy - More dating tales from the other side. Only this guy adds some sports in there to spice things up. Too bad he's a Boston fan.

Charming But Single - How can you not love a blog that has a picture of a martini and a cosmopolitan in the header?

I am, therefore I date - Brilliant. And the blogspot address is too true, dating IS hell.

With that I'm off. Enjoy your weekend my dears and I'll catch you later, 'taters.

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