Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The stars at night, are big and bright

One of the biggest perks of the house sitting gig has been the hot tub.

Sure it's been just a tad bitt hotter than a cold day in Hell but at night, well, at night the hot tub is the place to be. I can get in, put my head back and just let all of the tension of the day go.

And then there are the stars.

The humble abode I live in is well within the ciy limits. Lots of light pollution. Don't get to see the bright shining stars too often. But this house. Well. This house is well out in the 'Burbs. And there is a wonderful patch of sky right above the hot tub that, when the sun is setting, allows the most amazing sights as the stars come out at night to say hello.

The other night I spent about 2 hours just staring up at the sky.

I treasure times like that. Where I get to just let go. Relax. And not think about anything more than when I may or may not try to get myself out of the hot tub.

Just me and the stars.

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