Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chillin' but not cold illen

Or something like that.

After the drunk fest of the banquet last night (I lost count of drinks after the sixth 7 & 7) that saw the following things happen, tonight is going to be a quiet night in. Just me, Gone with the Wind and my new pedicure accesories.

High (or low) lights from my first drinking experience with my current coworkers:

1. I popped out of my top and exposed the daisy tatoo for all to see.
2. At one point I declared the food was "definitely better than Red Lobster" (this event was held at one of the swankier places, mind you).
3. Managed to have a civil conversation with Mr. Friday Night, even though I don't remember what we talked about.
4. Was glared at by Friday Night's girlfriend as she dragged him away from our conversation.

Other things occured that I really just don't remember but eh, it wasn't such a bad time as I thought it would be. Stopping at one of my usual watering holes on the way home probably wasn't such a good idea as I ended up getting sick before I finally passed out and went to sleep.

Tonight will hopefully just be a quiet night. After last night, I deserve it.

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