Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm a sucker for homeless animals (which explains some of the men in my past).

Hell, I'm a sucker for any kind of animal. Dogs, love 'em. Cats, how much more low maintenance can you get? Fish, gerbils, hamsters, they've all taken up residence in the household at one point or another.

For some reason I've been wanting to get a cat. Room mate #1 already has a dog, Oscar, who pretty much has the run of the house. He's a good dog. Getting up there in age (we recently celebrated his 7th birthday) but very cuddly and loveable. Nothing changes my mood more than an Oscar cuddle.

But he's not really mine. I'd like to have something that's mine. That rely's on ME. And yeah, I've been known to kill plants on a regular basis (a green thumb, I do NOT have) but a cat. Well, a cat is something different. A cat is independent but dependent at the same time, which is how I pretty much describe myself.

I'm not sure but I think Room mate #1 is breaking down in his resistence to another furry critter in the abode. Yesterday a bunch of kittens were brought into the office in the hopes of finding them new homes. One of the reps found them on his route, abandoned. When I told him about it later last night he didn't protest like he usually does, just mumbled something about vacuming more and buying an automatic kitty litter box. That's a step up from where he had been.

Just maybe I'll have a new kitty friend as a birthday present (2 months and 19 days left until I'm kissing my 20's good-bye)? Hey, the crazy spinster lady has to start collecting her 80 cats at some point, right?

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