Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So you had a bad day

Just for the record, the day didn't get any better after I left work yesterday.

It appears I am a wanted woman. Oh, not in that way. Oh no not me. More along the lines of Magistrate 19-1-01 (or something like that) sent me a nice certified letter demanding my appearance at traffic court for one lousy ticket I forgot to pay in June. One lousy ticket for parking on a side of the street where street sweeping was being done. Grrr. So now I can either try and fight it (the thought did cross my mind) or just pony up the $60 and get it over with.

Bad girls, bad girls...

Tonight I'm off to Camden Yards to watch the Birds sink even further into the basement in the AL East. Room mate #1 and I will probably drink a beer or two and duck out sometime after the 7th inning stretch (I'm so over them playing Thank God I'm a Country Boy it's not even funny).
God only knows I should be packing for my excursion to North Carolina to hang with the little sis for a few days.

Eh, that's what the night before is for, right?

PS: The Princeton Review came out with it's rankings today. My alma mater is on the list of Best Schools in the Northeast. Sadly we didn't make it as one of the best party schools. Someone needs to teach those kids a thing or two, slackers.

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