Sunday, August 28, 2005

Still tasting the salt

We put the blanket down and quickly added our beach bags on top of it to keep it from blowing away.

A stiff breeze was blowing in from the ocean and it took us a few tries to get the blanket down. Soon flip flops, shirts and shorts were shed for bathing suits and sunscreen. Not many people crowded the beach as many were back in school or on their way home from vacations.

The sun played hide and seek with dark puffy clouds.

I made my way to the water's edge just to "test" the temperature. I went in up to my knees. It was nice and warm. Not like what I was used to on the Delaware shores.

Little sis was already laid out on the blanket. A book in front of her face and a stern look of concentration furrowing her brow. I rumaged around in my own bag for my Mp3 player and started listening to the randomness of my musical tastes. U2, 311 and Sarah Maclachlan all flitted in and out of my ears.

Before I knew it I was being told to turn over.

"You're looking a little pink."

Instead I made my way back to the water again. This time I jumped in full force, like I did when I was a kid. I let the waves pick me up and put me down again. I dove under the rolling white water a few times, tasting salt on my lips as I made my way back to the blanket.

The Mp3 player went back on and soon I was dozing again. Dreaming of things that make me happy.

"It's getting a little dark back there, we better go home."

I begged one more trip into the water "to clean off", then we packed up and returned to Little sis's house.

Tomorrow the relaxation ends. I'll make the 8 hour trip north, fight traffic around D.C. and arrive just in time to head off to another meeting.

But I'll still have that salty taste on my lips. And smile knowing I finally got some much needed beach time and hang out time with my sister.

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