Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sunshine on my shoulders

As the day wore on the bad mood dissipated like a morning fog bank.

A joke here, a smile there and lunch brought back for me by my Subway buddy almost had me feeling like my usual chipper self. Almost. I couldn't help feeling like something was off yesterday. Maybe it was from lack of sleep (the insomnia is starting to come back) or maybe it was just plain old PMS. I don't know. I do know I hate being like that. That's not me and when I hit those moods, my friends know it's best just to stay out of my way.

To keep from any potentially volitale situations at the homestead, I decided to take a night off from the gym and go shoe shopping. The banquet event thingy is tomorrow night and while I had my outfit (cute new skirt and top) I still didn't have any decent shoes to go with it. Did you know there is not one pair of light blue or gray shoes in the greater South Central Pennsyltucky area?

Trust me, I looked.

Instead of finding the shoes I wanted, I settled for a pair of black flats that will have to do. Besides, they can be worn again or at least that's what I keep telling myself. Tomorrow night is the first time I'll be hanging with most of my coworkers outside of work. From what I understand there is an open bar which could turn out to be disasterous. I've resolved to keep my drinking to a minimum, but you know how that goes. Must. Be. Strong.

Don't need any "stories" floating around this office about my escapades.

God only knows there are already enough hanging out there at previous places of employment.

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