Thursday, September 01, 2005


The arm looks better today. Without getting too graphic, it's probably going to bubble up in the next day or so and hopefully will not leave me with a huge ass scar on my arm. Although, it would match the burn scar I have from a few years ago when I reached in to the oven to pull some fish out (with an oven mitt) and ended up burning myself from the rack where the mitt didn't cover.

See, klutzyness is nothing new for me.

We'll see what the doctor says tomorrow during my follow up.

I didn't get into my trip too much because, well, not much happened on the trip. It was basically just the Little Sis and I hanging out for 4 days. We did what we do best, we shopped, we watched movies and for probably one of the first times in our lives didn't try to kill each other. I'm continually amazed by the fact that as we get older we get closer. There were things I talked to Little Sis about over those 4 days that I haven't spoken to anyone about. Fears about the future. What the hell I'm going to do with my future. Disappointment in my lack of a love life. Girl stuff. The kind of stuff we never were able to talk about before.

Eight hours in a car gives a girl a lot to think about and I realized today that I did a good bit of healing on the trip through three states and a federal district. Large stretches of that trip are nothing but farm lands or forests. Swamps or rivers. Really not much to look at. So keeping one eye open for speed traps and one eye on the gas gauge I started to think about a lot of things going on for me. Or not for that matter.

I came to peace with the fact that it's o.k. to be entering my 30s without being in any kind of a serious relationship. My heart still breaks to think I may never find Mr. Right, or even worse that I already have but the timing was just all off, but in the end, as long as I enjoy life to the fullest, that is all that matters.

I realized I'm unbelieveably lucky to have wonderful friends (both in and out of the blogosphere), even if I am bad at keeping in touch with most of them.

The thought occured to me that just maybe, it's time to give up on the attempt to become a full time writer. While it's not exactly mentally challenging, my current job is just fine.

And despite the fact that they annoy me on a regular basis, my family is still a wonderful group of people.

I'm going to be making a few changes to the blog in the next couple of days. I'd like to change the look and since I'm the owner of a new, cute little flip phone (not unlike myself) with a camera I am going to be starting a moblog. I also have a lot of free time this long Labor Day weekend as no one has planned any cook outs that I'm aware of. So I'll probably spend my time catching up on chores (the bathroom and my own room are in serious need of some loving), watching Penn State try to win their first game of the season Saturday and just plain old puzing around.

Which I do very, very, well.

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