Monday, November 21, 2005

Long Distance Tap

Occasionally an email will pop into my inbox. Sometimes it's a few weeks between communication. Sometimes it's months. I always recognize the address though. He doesn't bother to disguise himself with some fancy secret nickname. It's just Him and some numbers.

Today I had one waiting for me. Typical Him. Short but with enough details to let me know he's o.k.

Because he knows I still think about him occasionally. Worry about him. Wonder what he's up to. Especially this time of the year. We stopped being...whatever we were...around this time last year.

I still miss Him. And he knows it.

But today, well, today the email made me smile if nothing more than for two sentences out of his brief email.

I quit drinking a couple of months ago.

post scriptum
dont yell when you are boogey-boarding
the ocean comes in and it tastes like a fishes fart

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