Monday, November 21, 2005

Only if you're buying

"Get up!"

Friday night I was rudely awakened from my nap on the couch. It was 9:30 p.m.

"Have you been sleeping all night?" Room mate # 1 asked as he came into the living room.

"No, only about an hour or so."

I left work Friday afternoon with a laundry list of things I wanted to get done. Dishes, laundry, officially bring down my winter clothes from the attic, and on, and on. Instead I came home, put on my pajama pants, cozy NHLPA sweatshirt and after at least getting the dishes done firmly entrenched my butt on the couch with my new InStyle.

When the room mates are both working, it's nice to just relax in the house. Sometimes a girl just needs her space.

As the night wore on I flipped from movie to movie. I finally settled on watching Oceans Twelve, which I had just recorded a few nights ago. It wasn't bad. I think I liked the first one better. When the movie came to an end I turned on the Flyers game. The three of us had gone together at the beginning of the season to split the cost for NHL Center Ice. We now have access to almost every single hockey game going on in the NHL on any given night. I chose to watch the Flyers self destruct as I take great joy in seeing the boys in orange lose any chance I get.

Since we hadn't gone out Thursday night for room mate #1's birthday, the plan was to go out Friday. I had completely forgotten.

"I guess this means I better change into something more respectable, huh?"

"Uh, yeah, that would probably help."

I ran upstairs, changed into some jeans and a nice red turtleneck (who the hell did I need to impress?). By the time I was done, room mate #2 had made it home. We finally headed out around 10:30 p.m.

The bar we went to is a little local dive bar. Nothing spectacular. A lot of my old coworkers from Red Lobster were there, it was nice to see them and catch up but it's just not the same now that I don't work there anymore. I sat and talked with my friend Connie and her boyfriend, Tony, while the band played. The room mates stayed near the bar and by the time I caught up to them at 12:30, room mate #1 was trashed. Five shots and two beers will do that to you I guess.

We left for another bar closer to home after a quick stop for gas and a bathroom break. By the time we got there the place was starting to clear out. That didn't stop a fight from breaking out, the police showing up and a few people from getting maced.

Once the cops showed we left, no sense in hanging around waiting for trouble to find us.

I finally hit my pillow around 2 a.m. Not bad considering I was going to spend the night in and go to bed early. I'm finding more and more that I would much rather spend my evenings in. Maybe with a nice glass of wine and a movie. Or catching up on my shows. Or getting things done around the house.

It's not that I don't want to be around people, I do, it's just that now as I get older I tend to prefer more quiet Friday and Saturday nights than the loud rowdy ones of just a few years ago. Dear god, does this mead I may actually be showing signs of being a mature adult?

It's about damn time.

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