Monday, December 12, 2005

Two words. Road.Trip.

Nothing makes my pulse race, blood flow a little faster and naughty bits tingle more than those two glorious words.

Road Trip.

Last week work buddy A asked me if I would accompany her on a trip to North Carolina. She was going to see her Marine boyfriend at Camp Lejeune and wanted someone to keep her company on the eight hour trip.

"No problem," I said. "I'm always up for a good road trip."

It's true. Ever since I got that little piece of laminated cardboard that said I was a driver I've been inclined to hop in the car and go. Four hours to the beach? No problem. Seven hours to Toronto? Piece of cake. Eight hours to Boston? What the hell! 16 hours to St. Louis? Why not (but it's going to be a cold day in Hades before I attempt that again.). The travelling bug is in my genes. My dad's mother would take off on bus trips or just trips with her friends at a moment's notice. Often we didn't find out about them until after she had come back.

We pulled out at around 3 p.m. Friday after work. The ride down was pretty uneventful. Traffice wasn't bad (even on 95S around the Woodrow Wilson at rush hour, if you can believe it). We made good time stopping only twice for gas and dinner.

The conversation helped. We had only really been passing acquaintences in the office. Sharing a little bit here and there. Being stuck in a car for eight hours gives you the chance to get to know someone a little better. She gave me the background on the boyfriend situation and I relayed my woeful past of bad relationships and one night stands. We shared advice and to be honest it was nice to get the perspective of someone just hearing about my concerns for the first time.

The closer we got to Jacksonville, NC the closer friends we became.

The actual weekend itself wasn't too eventful. Most of my time was spent with Little Sis explaining to her why her setting me up with one of the Marine's she's working with on Toys for Tots is a bad idea. While I do love that Bashton accent (as she claims he has) I just don't do the long distance thing well. Work Buddy A wound up spending most of her time with her boyfriend.

We reunited Sunday for the eight hour return. Before long we were back in South Central Pennsyltucky ready for sleep and armed with advice on numerous topics brought up during the course of the trip.


Denise said...

Bummer about the long distance relationship thing, otherwise I've got lots of young Marines I could fix you up with. (Navy Corpsman - medical practitioners - too!)

agategoddess said...

Lol, well in that case! I'm just saying that it has never worked for me before. But I guess you shouldn't close all of your doors when it comes to dating, right?

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. I sounds like you had a good time traveling with a friend but you wouldn't want to travel to meet someone no matter what that person sounds like because the trip would be overwhelming for you and that decision is yours. As you said while traveling communication was the key and the closer you got to Jacksonville, NC the closer friends you became. I wish many travels with your buddies. Thx for sharing.