Friday, December 09, 2005

Well kids, this is what I woke up to this morning. Almost 7" of the glorious white stuff! I feel like a little kid on a snow day with no school. (The picture above is a shot of the downtown area taken last March, but you get the idea)

Only I'm 30 and I'm not in school.

It's killing me to not be out there in this stuff, shoveling the sidewalk, making snow angels or hitting the slopes. Our local mole hill opened yesterday (good timing or what?). The few half decent slopes they have will probably be packed today, what with almost every school in the county enjoying a day off.

The office is more empty than usual for a Friday. Luckily on days like today the dress code is slightly more relaxed too. Instead of my usual office wear of khaki's and a button down shirt I'm comfy and warm in my jeans and heavy wool sweater bought in Ireland a few years ago. The thing is so warm and comfortable it's like wearing a hug. Even usually perfectly coiffed and well dressed Donna, veteran of 33 years is dressed down.

This should be a quiet day. Few people come into the office when the weather is bad whether it's because the roads are bad or they're just too tired from battling others for bread, milk and toilet paper. So for now I'm just going to sit here, enjoy my coffee, listen to the radio and dream of Duke kicking Texas' butt tomorrow at Cameron.

Gotta love winter.

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George said...

Yeah snow!!! I kind of know how you feel about wanting to be out there playing in the snow. It's has snowed here but only a inch or so a couple of times. I really miss living in the mountains where it would be like a couple of feet when it snows. I miss being so snowed in I can't open the front door. (see entry: ). Good times.