Friday, April 28, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, the greatest show on earth...

Today marks the start of the wedding extravaganza weekeend for the nuptials of my friend Anne and her fiance Nate.

I used the circus reference because upon receiving my two page timelined itinerary (what is it about becoming a bride that turns normally laid back calm women into extreme type A personalities?!) for the weekend I remarked to Room mate #1 ( who is also involved in the production) that this thing was going to turn into a royal circus until it was all said and done. I'm having visions of us getting off by five minutes and a major melt down either by the bride to be or her mother occuring. Better make sure I have plenty of kleenex with me.

Let's just say I've already had one text message, a voicemail and an email regarding the weekend today. And it's not even 12 p.m. yet the day before. Guh.

On the plus side many of my oldest friends from as far back as the 4th grade will be arriving for the festivities. This means lots of laughter and catching up over beers and martini's. The best part about my friends is that we pick up right where we left off. Honestly it's been about eight or nine months since we were ALL together and I guarantee you we will be able to slip right back into the comfort of our friendship like we just saw each other yesterday.

Speaking of love and the c-word...I think I may have fallen in love and would have no problem committing myself to this little beauty. Hey love comes in all shapes and sizes, nobody ever said it couldn't include handbags.

Does this mean I have a problem? Sadly, I think so.

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