Friday, November 17, 2006

B is for so incredibley busy I'm only home long enough to sleep for 5 hours

The part-time finally decided it was time to train me to serve. I had only been asking to get moved to the floor as a server since, I don't know, Mayish. The $2.83/hr plus 1% tip share just wasn't cutting. Not when I saw servers walking out the door with at least $60 on a week night and close to if not over $100 on the weekends.

Tuesday night one of my new managers asked if I could be in the class Wednesday. I jumped at the chance like Paris Hilton on a rich Greek shipping heir.

The downside? I haven't done laundry in 3 weeks and my room looks like a bomb hit it. Oh, and the dishes I washed Tuesday still haven't been put away. And I haven't slept more than 5 hours every night...when I can sleep. And I haven't been to the grocery store yet despite only having three apples, some potatoes an an old container with leftover chicken something or the other molding inside it.

The busyness has been good on one level. I haven't thought about the incident from Monday/Tuesday all that much. Although last night I did have a nightmare I found out I was pregnant and accepted to Penn State with a full-ride on the same day. I woke up before I made my decision. It's a recurring theme because, you see, I have always equated the concepts of marriage and child bearing with giving up your own life. Tossing in the towel, so to speak and I am so beyond not ready to do that. Yet.

Monday is the final stretch of my training then starting Wednesday I go on a week long vacation from both jobs to celebrate my impending birthday and get some things done around the house. I also have my doctor's appointment on Monday. He knows I'm going but other than our texting frenzy Tuesday, we haven't spoken. I've decided to keep it that way. Backing off is for the best. I'll probably call him after my appointment to let him know the verdict but I feel like we're in the clear. It's a peace of mind thing, don't you know.

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