Friday, November 10, 2006

Things to do at work when you're bored

1. Obsessively check your MySpace account (yes, I did succumb to the hype, but I fully blame this guy as it was the only way to listen to his rocking tunes.) for messages, comments, etc.

2. Attempt to get practice space for one more activity that will suck your time this winter.

3. Tool around the internet catching up on blogs you haven't read in a long time.

4. Have amazing shag flashback of a certain someone now residing in Florida after talking to himTuesday night.

5. Figure out exactly how many more hours are left for you to wear your aircast.

6. Start your birthday/Christmas list (ahem...only 20 more shopping days left).

7. Daydream about a potential trip to Vermont in February where you will be the model of ski culture, meet a hot (Collin Farrellish looking) ski instructor, chuck your job and move to the mountains where you will spend the rest of your days as a ski bum working all night and skiing all day. Summers will be spent in the Outerbanks, living on the beach.

8. Follow links to incredibley helpful articles like the following found at Dating Dummy's site.

9. Try to schedule your weekend despite knowing that with one phone call where the words "margarita" or "beer" are mentioned will make any plans could be made null and void.

10. See #4

11. Countdown to the start of the weekend...and post it on your computer.

12. Give your co-workers biker related names then call them by that name for the rest of the day (ie: Spike, Butch, Easy E and Mad Dog).

13. Blog about nothing in particular.

14. Recheck your MySpace account.

15. Remember you never scheduled a pickup for a Fed-Ex package that needs to go out today...panic.

16. See #4.

17. Mentally put together an outfit for Sunday that will hopefully draw the attention of a certain band director at a different school.

18. Get another cup of coffee.

19. Make fun of the people who come in to the front counter that just happens to be on the other side of the cubicle wall from where you sit.

20. See #4.


The Dummy said...

lol, that must've been some awesome #4 memory! Wonder if he's thinking the same thing? Like the article said (thanks for the DD mention and link!) maybe if you do something "wrong" it'll be punishable by instant sex. :)

And congratulations on becoming an aunt! Now you've got someone to spoil silly.

anny said...

totally sounds like a promising day at work. :)

agategoddess said...

Awwww, thanks DD! I can only hope that he would think about it as much as I do. Never know though. And yes, I am SOOOO excited to have a little one to spoil rotten! The best part? I get to give her back at the end of the day!

Thanks for dropping by anny, and yes, it was a promising day at work :)