Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad blogger mom

My poor blog has been very neglected lately. What with all of the birthday excitement and other excitement associated with the holidays, I've barely had time to attend to the essentials let alone find quiet time (which is at a premium at my house) to blog.

Today I'm stuck at work which is absolutely killing me. The recent departure of one of my co-workers is forcing me to work weekends at the full-time and considering the weather today, just isn't fair. After three days of frigid and frantic searches for my winter heavy clothes, we're getting a small taste of warmth with sunshine. Bloody unfair.

On the plus side, I'm able to update the three people who still read this thing as to what has been going on in South Central Pennsyltucky. To start, the baby shower for Little Sis went off wonderfully and she only admitted after the fact that she had no idea until that day that something was up. Score one for the super cool auntie to be. The closer she gets to bringing my adorable niece (because of course, she will be the most beautiful little girl) into this world the more excited I get. Visions of babysitting and doing cool things like weekend trips to NYC when she's older dance in my head. The kind of things my aunts did with me when I was younger.

Things with The Guy are still moving along on an even keel. the best word I can use to describe it is steady. We don't see each other all that much with both of us having incredibley crazy schedules but it's working, I guess. Text messages fly back and forth almost every day. He mentioned the C word the other day...and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Mainly because I wasn't sure if he was talking about committment to me or someone else, but it did get the wheels turning a little bit. Who knows, maybe for the first time in about a gazillion years I'll actually have someone to kiss on New Years Eve. But that's then and I'm not going to do what I usually do and get ahead of myself. Nope. We're just going to let this one ride out.

As a birthday present to myself I finally came in to the 21st century and bought myself a digital camera. When I can find more than 20 minutes to spare in my day and the cable that came with the camera, I'll get some pics uploaded for you. As a little girl I always said I wanted to be become a photojournalist so I could travel and take cool pictures for National Geographic. Now I can at least pretend I know what I'm doing.

Otherwise, the holidays snuck up on me again this year and I'm wracking my brain for ideas for gift ideas for the Fam. I'm only buying for my immediate family and my room mates this year. It's just too much to buy for everyone else. Really. My extended family grows by leaps and bounds every year and I just can't afford to buy presents for every single blasted one of them. I'm only one person for crying out loud. The house finally had it's dose of holiday cheer when room mate #1 and I decorated last week. We put lights around the outside and a cool blow up Frosty the Snowman. The Christmas tree now has it's lights and ornaments. Stockings were hung. So I guess we're ready now.

I can only hope Santa will read over my list carefully. Neve did get Collin Farrell last year.


Mr. Helpful said...

think of it this way...colin farrell never got you.


agategoddess said...

Too true, Mr. H. Then again, that could be said for almost any man I've ever met.

mr. helpful said...

thats just because you play hard to get, eh?