Friday, January 05, 2007

Caught up? More like just barely one step ahead

Considering what I do, this is going to sound incredibly callous and cold-hearted, but sweet lord has it been busy around here the last few days. I've been working 10-12 hour days the last week and today, finally, I feel like it's starting to slow down. Then again that could be because there isn't anyone left to die.

For the uninitiated, I write obits.

And yes, considering that little tidbit, the first sentence if very inappropriate but like I told one of my friends recently, I call it as I see it.

For some reason, the holiday season (the week leading up to, the week of and the week after) is generally pretty slow. People hold on to make through one more holiday I guess. See one more New Year. Then they let go. Litterally. This past week a combination of lack of room and overabundance of obituaries has kept me teetering on the brink having my own name appear.

And now today...nothing. All's quiet on the Western Front. I am actually sitting here, with 2 hours to go until deadline with nothing. to. do.

So since I have time on my hands, I have been thinking about my resolutions for the year. Or more precisely as the divine Miss Katie called them, goals for 2007. It has a better ring to it and honestly, I think I'm more likely to stick to them than resolutions. My brain just has a block against that word. Like lima beans.

First and foremost, I want to be more healthy this year. Not just drop some tonnage. But be healthy. Heart disease, diabetes, etc. is all prevelant on both sides of my family. My mother is currently on medication for both diabetes and high blood pressure and while I love her, I don't want to end up like her. As a way of keeping myself in line, I've signed on to the Community Challenge over at iVillage. It seems like a good way to keep me both motivated and moving.

Next on my list? Be more organized. If you saw my bedroom right now you'd understand why I have this one on the list. I opened a box the other day I tripped over on my way to the bathroom and found some pictures, packed during the last move almost 3 years ago. It's time to get rid of some crap.

The biggie is my goal to move out of the house. Despite our bickering lately over money issues (not on speaking terms with room mate #1 at the moment), I do love my room mates...but really how healthy is it for a single, 31 year old woman to be living with two room mates? What is this, college? So by the end of this year I'd like to be in my own place, whether it's here in Pennsyltucky or in another state.

And that's that.

So bring it on 2007...I'm ready and waiting for what you've got.

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