Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm not sure but I think my job may in fact be killing me

I work on a three person team at my full time job. Since the beginning of December, when one of my team members left for a better higher paying job (not exactly hard to do considering the pittance we get paid here) we immediately went into short-staffed mode. Overtime is required. No more full weekends off. Stress levels beyond comprehension.

Then my other team member got sick.

For the past three days I've been working almost 12 hour days. Tomorrow promises more of the same. If it wasn't for Lyzz and her Drumsticks (the gooey yummy ice cream filled kind) I probably would have walked out the door tonight. And not come back.

This job isn't necessarily hard, it's just frustrating. And as noted before, considering what we get paid, the stress isn't worth it. Right now I'm counting down the days to the annual Vermont ski trip (18 days) where I will spend my days swooshing down the slopes and my nights in the hot tub sipping wine and not even thinking one iota about my place of employment.

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