Thursday, February 15, 2007

We don't need no stinking snow

As it turned out, that just 3-6" of snow we were forcasted to get turned into more like something closer to 4" of snow plus 3" of ice, sleet and freezing rain. Not fun. The going was rough yesterday what with the ineptitude of PENNDOT and the local municipality's wait and see attitutde. Let's just say it took me an hour to get to work (normally takes 20 minutes) and I haven't been able to park my car in my garage due to neither our alley or our street being plowed since Tuesday night. Yeah. Tuesday night.

This morning I planned on being late as I was forced to park down the street and around the block when I ventured home from work. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to where I was parking and ended up in an area that turned into about 2" of ice around my tires. I woke up early, like I usually do, and headed out to rescue my car from it's ice tomb. My prospects didn't look too good as I rounded the corner and found several cars and their owners in my same predicament. I chipped away at the ice on my car, eventually cleaning it off and starting it to get it at the very least warmed up. Then I tried to get it out. No good. My poor car's tires just kept spinning and spinning.

At this point, I was so cold I could barely feel my legs.

Good time for a coffee break.

I trudged back to the house, called work to let them know I wasn't sure if I was going to make it in or not, then settled in to wait for one of the room mates to get up and try to help me rescue the car. Room mate #1 and I eventually got the thing loose (with the help of some ice melt and my room mate's steady hand behind the wheel), ran to Wal-Mart for kitty litter (helps with traction as any good native of Pennsyltucky will tell you) then returned to get my things for work. I showed up four hours late. But I was there.

The return ride home wasn't too bad. Our roads are still not cleared off which forced me to park around the block again, this time in the parking lot of a local business. My poor car is hating me right now, and I'm sure that's the reason why the check engine light came on today. I just had it in for service Tuesday morning when this whole mess started. And now...well...looks like we're going back. Here are some more pictures I took around the house of the first major snow event of the season. It really is quite pretty...if you don't have to be out in it.

Oscar playing in the backyard.

The backyard at sunset yesterday after everything had cleared out.

Icecicles on the fence.

One of my neighbor's garages.

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