Friday, March 23, 2007

What is this free time you speak of?

Occasionally there are days when it's a slow day at work. I get time to check my email, hop over to MySpace (yes, I've succombed to the hype) or take a trip around the blogosphere. Anything to keep my brain from shutting down before my day is over.

One of my favorite sites right now is Alicia Paulson of Posie's personal blog. I fell in love with the purses she handmakes one day when I was bored and looking for a new spring purse. Eventually I purchased one of her Pirouette handbags for both Little Sis (her's is a pink gingham) and myself (a very pretty pale green/yellow plaid). Not only is the bag of the most excellent quality, but it came wrapped like a present with a handwritten note from Mrs. Paulson herself. I was absolutely thrilled. Really, how often does the manufacturer of your purchases include a handwritten note thanking you for buying their product?!

Since then I've been rolling over to her personal blog on occasion to check on the progress of the granny squares or see what new and exciting thing she's doing in her kitchen. I'm not saying I'm obsessed or anything, but it just amazes me that someone can take something they love, like say sewing or knitting and run with it like she has. I barely have time to sit down and read a new book let alone attempt anything like that. And I wish I did.

One of the parts of my life I'm trying to work on this year is finding more time for the activities, people, etc. that are so important to well as for myself. Over the years I've noticed I tend to throw myself into organizations, sports or jobs full throttle with disregard for what is making me happy. After some conversation with one of my work friends, it occured to me this gung-ho attitude, while o.k. in moderation, was not good for my personal life. The more I throw myself into, the less time I have for personal relationships. And dating. Because if I'm kept busy, then I can't think about how I'm still single, you see.

Consider it one more wall that needs to come down.

And I have been working on it by doing something I normally don't do. I'm learning to say No. Can I work extra shifts at the part-time? No. Can I join such and such club? No, don't have time. Can I take this position on a committee? Nope, can't devote any more time than I already do.

I wish I had learned to do this a long time ago.

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