Monday, November 12, 2007

And I'm spent

It's over.

Three months (give or take) of hectoring, cajoling, yelling, laughing and crying.

In a matter of 12 hours, the outdoor band season 2007 came to an end. I had mixed emotions Saturday night as I watched School #1 end their performance. Most of what I was feeling came out in the form of tears (thank god for waterproof mascara). Tears of happiness that I was finally getting my life back, until indoor season at least. Tears of sadness as I thought about my seniors and how this was their last performance. Tears just knowing I could actually sleep a little bit longer on Saturday mornings and hang out with my friends on Friday nights.

I get emotional sometimes.

My kids at School #2 really pulled it out and came home "with the wood" as they liked to say. They performed wonderfully. It was almost like everything we had been
saying and yelling about had finally sunk in. My guard took high
auxiliary (best guard out of the 11 bands in our division). The band took first overall as well as high percussion and high visual effect. I was so proud of them I was near to bursting.

The kiddo's at School #1 didn't do quite as well. They came in 5th out of 6th. But that doesn't really reflect their performance. Not by any stretch of the
imagination. Those kids put their whole heart into what they were doing...and I'm proud of them for it. I told them no matter what, they were Number one to me.

So now I've got free time again. Free time to head back to the gym, clean my house and deal with the DRAMA going on with my parents, because that will never end not matter how spent I am.

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