Thursday, November 08, 2007

I tried to give blood and all I got was this lousy balloon

Today was blood donation day at work. Normally I give every 16 weeks or so at our local blood bank, but since I missed my last appointment I signed up for the Red Cross' Bloodmobile parked in the back parking lot.

Anyone who's read this blog is probably aware of my Anemia issues. Most of the time it's well under control after a steak or two, some leafy greens and a few days of eating Cheerios (fortified with iron, of course). The last two days or so I took great pains to make sure I ate a little bit from each of the groups that gooses my iron up just so I could give blood.

As it turns out, it wasn't quite enough.

So instead I got a balloon, a goody bag and two bandaged middle fingers that have allowed me to walk around sticking up my fingers and asking people if they want to kiss my boo-boo's.

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