Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yay for no more crutches!

Today's trip to my primary care doctor (the only I only see when there's a problem) ended with me in quite the good mood. No more crutches for this girl. As it turns out, the situation wasn't as bad as the ER doctor thought. There weren't any tears and even though my tendons were pretty well stretched out, all hope wasn't lost.

Dr. S gave me some PT type stuff to do at home (draw the alphabet with my foot), told me to use the gel cast until the end of the week and reminded me not to push too hard when I get back to the gym.

Because back to the gym I definitely must go.

The most horrifying part of my day was when I stepped on the scale, because, you know, it wouldn't be a trip to my primary care's office if one of his nurses didn't embarass me. It's common practice for me to get weighed before the BP and pulse are taken and let me tell you, I was totally not prepared for the number that came up. In fact I was so unprepared that I said quite loudly and quite insistantly "that can't be right!" Now, bear in mind I had my shoes on and was fully clothed so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

I hope that had something to do with it.

Sure, I know my eating habits haven't exactly been stellar but my plan this year was to start with one thing, get that down, then move on to the next. I was doing pretty well with the exercise, hitting the gym for at least some eliptical action twice a week and was just about to make it three times before the trip to the ER on Friday. In my head it made sense to get the exercise part a habit, then concentrate on the eating.

Guess I need to get the eating in line now too. I just need to keep reminding myself that it's a process, a journey and not temporary. Nope. This time around it's for good.

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