Thursday, February 28, 2008

Giving up the good stuff

One of the hardest changes I've been trying to make this year is cutting out the coffee.

It's my remaining addiction, the last something that still holds sway over me. Starbucks is my pusher. My shady deliverer of the warm, caffeinated liquid that I love so much. The arch enemy of my kidneys.

This year I decided not to make resolutions. Instead it was more like promises to myself. I promised my body I would take better care of it, exercise more, eat better and finally attempt to give up the coffee. Eight years ago when I had my first kidney stone it was highly suggested to me that I give up the coffee because caffeine dehydrates and it would cause the stones to form more easily, and blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, that's what I heard too. So I made a token effort, for about ohhhh...all of six days, and went back to my regular consumption.

I laughed in the face of danger. Coffee bad? No! Coffee good! I started drinking it again, all the time, every day, every morning...and had three more kidney stone attacks after that.

And still I keep drinking it. Habit? Maybe. Addicted? Definitely. Want another kidney stone? Not on your life. Need to be more healthy? Most definitely.

So along with my return to the gym (I've been hitting the eliptical and lifting 3 times a week, not counting the ankle sprain incident) I've been trying to give up the coffee.

Notice the word trying in that sentence. Right now in the weaning off stage. Mostly because it wouldn't be a good idea to throw your computer screen at your co-workers before 8 a.m.

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