Saturday, April 12, 2008


Pardon me if I'm a little on edge but there's a big step coming today. PNS and I have been "officially" together for two weeks now, not long, I know but considering my track record this is something. Tonight I'll be meeting some of his friends and students at the musical he is playing in the pit for.

And from what he's been telling me, they are very anxious to meet me.


I'm probably making more out of this than I should but seriously, to me, starting to meet the family (which is on tap for two weekends from now), friends, colleagues, etc. is a big move forward. It means he wants me to see other parts of his life. Wants to share more than just the hanging out with me. I'm glad he wants to do this too, that all the talk about us doing things a few months from now isn't just talk.

Yeah, I know, I'm being...unreasonable? sarcastic? scared that this may be turning into something? Probably a little bit of column A, B & C.

For now I just need to get through tonight.

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