Sunday, April 06, 2008

Officially, official

Considering I had spent the last 5 out of 7 nights at his place, I thought it was safe to start using the B word. For me, that's one hell of a step, well, that and turning the ring around. Because of my previous experiences it is my habit now to not push things. To try not to jump into saying that word. Or the R word for that matter.

In the past it was inevitable, the second I do, it's over.

Then yesterday as we were enjoying some quiet time before I left his place, PNS used the R word. Relationship. I wasn't quite sure what he had said was what I thought he said, so I made him say it again. No mistaking it that time. I was quiet for a minute, which I think freaked him out a little bit, and asked if that was what we were in. He put his hand on my face, kissed me and said of course.

So now, that's that. I have a boyfriend and I am in a relationship.

Now those are words I haven't said in a long time...

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