Thursday, May 08, 2008

The amount of things we have in common is...incredible. So incredible it really is freaky. Right down to the lines on our hands. The love of music, baseball (he's for the Phillies, I of course am hopelessly devoted to the loveable losers in Baltimore) and french vanilla coffeemate are making this relationship actually easy.

For so many years I was in the dating world working under the impression that this whole, process was, well, a process. Work. Something that needed intensive labor. The time spent on going out, doing my hair and make up was all part of the price a girl must pay to find someone to share her life with.

Not necessisarly a chore, but work none the less.

Now though, I'm wondering. Because things with PNS are easy. The conversation flows. No awkward silences. We both go with the flow, take things as they come. He doesn't mind that I spend time with J, TBD or JP and I know he's got a lot of female friends that he spends time with. Neither one of us expects to spend every waking moment with the other but when we're apart, at least for me, I miss him terribly.

I must admit that there are moments when I wonder if this is too easy. When the other shoe is going to drop and this whole thing will fall apart. And yeah, I know that's left over from the effed up relationships of my past. From being six months in with the one who broke my heart the most before he ended it. From abruptly being told after eight months that it just isn't working and He's moving back to Florida. From doing all the work, putting it all out there...and not getting anything in return.

This is different.

And I'm almost ready to let down the last wall.


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