Friday, May 08, 2009

Like the Irish Cream?

"Let me guess, it's another girl?"

Little Sis is pregnant again and yesterday went for the ultrasound that told them the new addition's sex. Ever since she announced her pregnancy, she's been CONVINCED it's a boy. Going so far as to spend a fortune on "boy clothes", toys, etc. anytime she even got near Target or Carters.

"Yep, James (bro-in-law) is going to flip out."

"You really think so? I mean Ry has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Why would this one be any different?"

"He was convinced it was going to be a boy too. Oh well, at least I already have all that girl stuff from Ry."

"True, and what's wrong with having your child wear blue? Girls wear blue. I'm wearing blue right now."

"Uh, yeah, everyone will think she's a boy. Duh." (we may be older but we still revert to our childhood conversational abilities)

"Not so much...oh, by the way, did you have a name picked out?"

"Yeah, Baylee." (I didn't find out the proper spelling until after the conversation)

"Like the Irish Cream?! Oh I am totally going to refer to the new one as Irish Cream from now on."

"You're a dork."

"True, but at least I'm not naming my child with the same name as a liquor."

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