Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. The posting here in my little corner of the interweb has been lacking. O.k., it's been sucky. There I said it. As a blogger I fail with a capital F-A-I-L.

The truth of the matter is, there is a lot going on away from the computer screen. At work layoffs and firings have been a regular occurance. So far I've been spared the ax and so have most of my friends but still, it's scary in there. You never know if you're going to walk in and be asked to leave in the next 20 minutes. My job at the stadium started at the beginning of the May too. There's been so much rain that I've hardly worked (I'm wondering if I'm a jinx...) but there are a lot of homestands coming up that I'll hopefully be on the schedule for. Not much time for free time.

In between the jobs, trips to the gym (seeing recent photos of myself has not done anything for my self-esteem) and family issues (moved Grandma to an assisted living place last week and that is a whole nother can of worms in itself) I'm trying to squeeze in as much time with Will as I can. We're still doing the weekend thing but camp starts soon which will cut down on our time together. I miss him terribly in between visits so every moment together is that much more important to me. Luckily it won't be that much longer. We're taking the next step and moving in together in August.

Yep. Miss Commitmentphobic herself is moving in with her other half. It's a big step to be sure. But I'm ready. Sort of. Now I'm scrambling to find a job before we move because, well, no offense to my current employer but that job just isn't worth a commute of 90 minutes one way. Not at what I get paid. My resume has been posted with all the usual suspects and I've put the bug in the ear of several friends who live in the area we're planning on moving to, so that's pretty much covered. The part I guess that is both exciting and scarey for me at the same time is that I'm leaving here. South Central Pennsyltuky will no longer be my home and frankly, I'm a little freaked out about it. As much as I love new adventures it's going to be a big change. Big, big, big change. And as we all know, change can be a little freak out inducing.

In between the freaking out and moments of slight panic, I can see that this move is right. No, more than's the next best thing to happen in my life. Because I can't see my life without Will and the road we're on, at least to me, is one we're on together. Sure, I know things won't always be smooth and honkey dorey bingo and yes, living with someone is way different than spending long weekends and small trips with them but I think we can handle it.

That being said, the future of this blog is, how do I put this? questionable. There is a lot on my plate in the next three months which means this blog will probably be neglected horribly. And I think maybe it's time to bring all of this to an end for now. I don't know.

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