Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holidays schmolidays

We made it through this year's Thanksgiving almost drama free. I say almost because my sister was in full on bitch mode this year, calling Will and I while we were on the way over to my mother's to ask (and I quote directly) " Are you coming over here at 12:30 today or next week?" Hmph. Then when we got there she was all crazy about getting the food out, even though my aunt and her family still weren't there, who was going to sit where and blah, blah, blah. I tuned her out about midway through her tirade. And Will I know was getting a little irritated. Especially when my brother in law started in about when are we going to have a kid. Guh. I love my nieces but just because they are saddled with two kids and have no life doesn't mean that we are heading down that road too.

Someday, maybe, but now not so much.

Hopefully some holiday cheer will come Monday, which not so coincidentally happens to be my birthday. This week I finally got a hit on one of my many resume's and not only interviewed for the position, but was called back for the second round! My interview on Friday went well I thought, I just hope they decide soon. It would mean working in an office again, Monday through Friday 9 to 5ish. And better pay than what I'm getting now at the restaurant. And benefits. And the freedom to work on my own most of the time. And actually able to have a life again. And of course, the biggest problem it would help with is the money issue. I hate just making enough to squeak by. Or, as is the case with this month...not enough. So, again, I am forced to rely on my wonderful boyfriend to bail me out. I get angry having to rely on him because, damn it, at this stage of the game I should be able to take care of myself, you know? It's just all very frustrating.

But my favorite time of the year is coming up with decorating of the apartment and holiday parties and that is enough to put me in a good mood. I'm hoping for a trip down to Will's grandparent's place but that is going to depend on my work schedule. I love trips to the farm. It's so quiet and peaceful there. And I could use some of that.

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