Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yeah. As you can tell I had a lot to get off of my chest with that last post. I guess I was just letting all of my frustrations (money, job hunt, etc.) back up on me until, well, a meltdown of nuclear proportions. It's a bad habit I have. Swallowing my emotions until I explode. It's one of those things I need to work on. It's also hard for me to let someone help me. And Will is always there to do that. Growing up fiercely independent and stubborn *ahem* has made me one of those people who just can't fathom accepting anyone's help. But I need to learn to let it happen.

Like Will said Wednesday night "You jump, I jump."

But I think I'm going to get back to posting more frequently. There's a lot going on in my life and I need a release. That and since the move I can't find my actual written journal.

Let's just start with this, even though I only moved an hour and a half from my hometown, it's almost like I moved in to a completely different state. Back in South Central Pennsyltucky, we are more Baltimore oriented. When people go on vacay, they go to Ocean City, MD. Or the Delaware shores. Or down to The Bay (always meaning the Chesapeake). Crabcakes are ALWAYS on the menu in one form or another. Baltimore television stations are standard on the cable options. But now, well, now I'm living in the "greater Philadelphia area". Subs are now referred to as hoagies, as I found out when I asked for a meatball sub at our local Italian place and got a weird look. I don't see the difference but Will is mortified everytime I tell him I want a sub from Wawa. There are advertisements for New Jersey area bars on the radio stations I listen to. Heck, before moving here New Jersey was always just a stretch of land you drove through on the way to New York City. And the driving. Ugh. I'm not even getting in to that. The way people drive out here is freaking nuts. I'm considering becoming Catholic so I can cross myself legitimately every time I get in to the car.

On the plus side though, we're 45-30 minutes from Center City Philadelphia and the cheesesteaks at Pat's. Mmmmm, cheesesteaks...

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