Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Before we get all hot and stuff

I finally got around to posting some pictures that had been on my camera since...oh, April I think? The ones that made the cut are over on my Facebook page and will soon appear on my Flickr account too. This is one of my favorites, it was taken before we headed out for the night on New Year's Eve.

It has kind of a, line the kids up before prom feel to it (Will's mom took the picture) but I like it for the fact that it's us, all dressed up with someplace to go. I'm also looking forward to posting something similar in a few months, after we've been hitting the gym regularly and it's noticeable. Because if we keep going at the rate we are (4-5 times a week) we're going to look pretty freaking hot by the time summer rolls around. And while it will be nice to wear a smaller size, that really isn't the reason we're getting on the track to being healthier. No, it's more, for me at least, a promise to take better care of each other so we have many more years to spend together. I stumbled into love pretty late in the game, but I am so glad I did and I want to make sure we stretch this trip out as long as possible.

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Julie @ fiona bean said...

Good luck to both of you - this is just such a sweet post! Usually, people like to talk you-know-what about their spouses....it's nice to read a post that shows some love and concern for each other - keep up the good work!