Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We've added to the family

This is Katie, she will officially be coming to live with us on Saturday. While we were at Will's grandparents farm we went to the Wicomico Humane Society "just to look". Sure we were. Will had been itching for a cat and while I'm more of a dog person, I have nothing against cats. At least with a cat we can leave for a weekend and not have to worry about boarding it or having someone come over to take care of it. But anyway, we got to the Humane Society and started looking around. They had a lot of cats, three rooms worth plus the area where Katie was and if it was up to me, we would have brought home five. But after a full walk through and some play time with a few of the cats we decided to put in an application for Katie. Unfortunately we couldn't bring her home with us as they needed to check with the apartment complex to make sure we were allowed to have a cat, but Will is going to bring her home on Saturday while I'm working. I'm so excited to come home and have a furry face to greet me!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Adopting an animal and giving it a safe and loving home is one of the most selfless things anyone can do. It will also enrich your life as well.