Sunday, November 28, 2010

And peace shall come...eventually

A whole month since the last post? Seems to be about right, lately at least. My life is consumed by work and planning for the main event next October. We're still crossing things off the list, most recently our officiant (we're not getting married in a church because we're heathens like that) and with any luck, a photographer. Then I'm not going to try and think about anything wedding related for at least a month...or someone makes me.

We had a small Thanksgiving miracle here yesterday. O.k., it wasn't small, it was HUGE! I'll share the visual, then explain:

First, yes, we have a new member of the family. Everyone, meet Chumley (he's the big guy on the bed). Will and I had been talking about adopting another cat for awhile. I guess we were spoiled by Katie and how good she is, most of the time at least. We also deluded ourselves into believing that since she had been housed in a large area with 8 other cats at the shelter, she would be fine with a sibling. Um, yeah, I don't know what we were smoking there but it must have been good stuff.

Will was down at the farm, his grandparents place about two weeks ago and went to the same place we adopted Katie from, just to "look around". That's really not unusual as we tend to take donations of cleaning supplies to them when we're down there visiting. We had seen Chumley on the website but hadn't really talked about adopting now. Down the road, maybe, but now...not so much. Well, as you can see, someone fell in love and that was that. Our new guy is an older cat, 9 years old, so his adoption fee was very low. He's all four declawed and has the goofiest meow, sounds like someone is opening a squeaky door. But he's a good guy and I'm glad we brought him home.

Now, as for why the above image is a miracle. Katie did not cotton too well to a new kitty in the house. In fact, I think she was down right pissed off at us for a few days. And heaven forbid we show him some attention! Katie was making noises I had never heard her make, growling and hissing. There haven't been any major battles. Yet. Just some staring down and hissing, by both parties. That picture was taken when I got The Big Yellow Monster, AKA the vaccum, out of it's lair. Katie hates it. No really HATES it when I get the vaccum out. She usually runs and hides in the bedroom but since Chumley had claimed the bed for his own, she had been avoiding that room.

I guess fear of the The Big Yellow Monster trumps new cat in the house.

They sat there like that for about five minutes. Then all bets were off. Katie hid under the bed and when Chumley tried to join her it wasn't pretty. Truce over.

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